Vendor Profiles

Chatham Mills Farmers Market 2014 Vendors

Every week at the market:

Carols Good Earth Farm (Liberty): Jim Bryant and Robert Raudenbush

Fresh cut flowers, plant starts, and dried flower arrangements

Dutch Buffalo Farm (Pittsboro)Emily Lancaster and Farrell Moosedbf card

Dutch Buffalo Farm is a diversified market garden and CSA in Pittsboro, North Carolina. Their goal is to provide their members and market customers with a wide variety of healthy fruits and vegetables. They work to provide produce at a quantity and price that allows fresh local food to become a meaningful addition to the diet of our community. They use innovative and responsible production practices to grow a healthy, high-value product for our patrons.

fatty_owlFatty Owl Farm (Pittsboro): Dan Shields and Mary DeMare

Products: whole, pastured rabbit, rabbit pelts, fresh eggs, wallets

Products: whole, pastured rabbit, fresh eggs, shopping bag, rabbit ear

Fatty Owl Farm is a small rabbitry located in Pittsboro, NC.  We raise
pastured rabbits for meat and fiber and process on-site.  We also
provide eggs from a flock of free range chickens that we feed yummy
compost from Chatham Marketplace and hormone-free feed from Pittsboro
Feed.  Since we can’t stand waste, we make wallets and bags from our
empty feed bags.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any
questions and we are looking forward to seeing you at the Market!

Fiddlehead Farm (Pittsboro): David and Emily Boyntonunnamed

Fiddlehead Farm is a small 5 acre farm in Pittsboro, NC.  We grow a variety of vegetables and herbs and use them, in addition to the best local ingredients we can find, to create a wide variety of value added products to sell at market. These include:

  • Breads, baked goods and granola using locally milled organic grains.
  • Jams, marmalades and jellies cooked in copper pots using the best local and/or organic ingredients.
  • Hot sauces and salsas made with our own peppers and tomatoes along with other fine local ingredients.
  • A variety of dried pepper mixes, some combined with sea salt and dried local herbs.

In addition to the value added products, in season we sell herbs, tomatoes, and a wide variety of hot peppers.


Granite Springs Farm & Iron Fish Farms (Pittsboro): Meredith Leight, Ches & Laura Stewart

Granite Springs Farm is located 6 miles north of Pittsboro, NC  off Highway 87 in Chatham County. We grow vegetables without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers, and have egg-mobile housed, pasture based laying hens.  Iron Fish Farms and Granite Springs Farm are working in collaboration this year to provide fresh, seasonal produce, pastured hen’s eggs, mushrooms and hand made soaps and lotions.   CSA sign-ups are available with pick-up at Chatham Mills Farmers’ Market.   Follow us on Facebook for the latest farm adventures!:  Granite Springs Farm and  Iron Fish Farms

Happy as a Coneflower Farm (Pittsboro)

Happy as a Coneflower Farm specializes in locally grown, high quality cut flowers. The
farm was created out of a pure love of flowers big and small, humble and ornate,
vintage and modern. In our opinion, flowers aren’t a luxury, they’re a necessity and
we want others to feel the same way! Our local flowers smell better and last longer,
and most importantly, they’re affordable. Flowers are meant to be picked from the
field, popped into a vase and enjoyed………simple as that!

lilly den logoLilly Den Farms (Goldston)Tucker and Mackenzie Withington

Our mission is to provide a wide variety of natural and locally raised meats for individuals and families to enjoy with the peace of mind knowing the meat was raised healthy and humanely. Pasture raised beef, goat, lamb, chicken, pork, veal, eggs, animal milk, and produce

lindley farms

Lindley Farms Creamery (Snow Camp):

Lindley Farms Creamery cheesecakes are baked fresh and  locally made. Our  fresh mozzarella cheesecakes are simply fabulous! They are made by taking fresh whole milk straight from our Guernsey and Holstein cows, pasteurizing it in our farm facility, and making fresh mozzarella cheese curds. Cheese, cheese spreads and cheesecakes. Follow them on Facebook.

Okfuskee Farm (Silk Hope)Bobby TuckerOkfuskeev2

Incorporated in 2008, Okfuskee Farm is a family owned and operated farm in Silk Hope, North Carolina that is named after the birth-county of American folk music hero Woody Guthrie. Okfuskee Farm strives to achieve a low-input/high-yield production system that is rooted in biodiversity, agroforestry and perennial plants, planned rotations of vegetables, grains, and livestock (sheep, hogs, chickens), and farm-scaping practices that maximize water retention and ecological function. You can find Okfuskee Farm on Saturdays at the Chatham Mills Farmer’s Market in Pittsboro regularly at the Saturday Greensboro Curb Market.

Pura Vida Farm (Bahama)

Wanderlust Farm (Pittsboro): Kim Sevy and Steve Chase

Eggs, vegetables, herbs, teas, and cut flowers 

Guest Vendors

(please see weekly market post to check if these vendors will be present):

Forever Green Farm: Don Reese

  • Produce, gourd art, and jewelry

Growers of Ayrshire Farms (Pittsboro): Daryl Walker

Ayrshire Farm is a 22-acre, organic farm located six miles west of Pittsboro, NC, 20 miles south of Chapel Hill. The farm has provided for local consumption a diverse selection of delicious, high quality fruits, vegetables and herbs for many years. (please see below for specific crops)-Produce, fruit, and herbs. Bill Dow started growing crops organically in 1982, making Ayrshire the first certified organic farm in North Carolina. Ayrshire Farms has parcels available for to lease for farming.

Chatham County Artists’ Guild

Throughout the season, Members of the Chatham County Artists Guild will be selling their art and fine craft at the market.  This is the group that hosts the Chatham County Open Studio Tour every December.  To find more information about an individual artist/craftsperson, or the Guild in general, please go to

Kildee Farms