Solarize Chatham – free info session on Saturday, July 26 in the Chatham Mills event space

Join us for a Solarize Info Session @ the Chatham Mills Event Space
Folks can come have a great time and get their favorite fresh foods at the market and then take the opportunity to learn how Solarize, a grassroots solar movement, is making rooftop solar easier and cheaper than ever and putting good clean energy and great savings in our reach.

David Boynton of Fiddlehead Farm is also Solar Operations Director for Southern Energy Management–one of the two companies that is installing solar systems through Solarize.  He will be there to answer technical questions about solar along with members of NC Warn, the non-profit that’s sponsoring Solarize for Chatham county and neighboring areas in North Carolina.

The deadline for sign-ups for a free, no obligation assessment is July 31st.  We now have 335 sign-ups and we’re nearing our goal of 500 sign-ups.  Our aim is to reach a total of 75 installations.  Installations have already begun and we’ve already reached Tier 2 of savings.

To give you a clearer picture of how drastically we can all save on solar through the Solarize program, here is an example: An averaged-sized home might use a 4-kilowatt system that would cost $19,000 at full market rates.  If you can take advantage of the tax credits and SunSense rebate and if the 75-rooftop goal is met, the Solarize net price would be only $4,565–and that’s before you count the savings on your monthly electric bill.

Saturday, July 26 @ 1:00pm, Following the Farmer’s Market

Chatham Mills Event Space (across the hall from the Chatham Marketplace)
480 Hillsboro Street, Pittsboro

Folks can also learn more about Solarize and sign up for an assessment at