Chatham Mills Farmers’ Market 2016 Vendors

Regular Members:

Brae-Burn Farm

Lacee Monte, Wayne Thorne, and Adrian Thorne. Pittsboro
Heirloom tomatoes, produce, nuts, and crafts
Brae-Burn Farm is a locally owned family farm located on the outskirts of Pittsboro. In the last seven years we have increased our production size each season, enabling us to spread our produce out into the community. Our main crop is heirloom tomatoes, but we also grow a variety of other seasonal produce as well. We also have a variety of fruit and nut trees that further enhance our seasonal output. In 2014, we grew over 2,000 pounds of tomatoes. In 2015, we hope to exceed that number. Our goal is to provide fresh seasonal produce to our community without the use of harmful herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers.

Cane Creek Farms

Micheal Kirk and Haley Rosemond, Hillsborough
Seasonal vegetables and fruit; free-range pork, chicken, and eggs.

Cane Creek Farms is a sixth generation family farm in the Orange Grove community of southern Orange County. We raise fruit, vegetables, and free range hogs and chickens. We use all natural fertilizers, and only spray if it is necessary to prevent losing a crop. All of our animals are hormone and antibiotic free, and are raised in the most humane way possible.


David and Holly Pflugfelder, Lillington
Pasture-raised and organically-fed pork, lamb, chicken, turkey and eggs.

CATHIS stands for Caleb, Thor and Isla our children. We are doing this for our children to give them an appreciation of where their food comes from. And to learn the value of the world around us and how it sustains us. We believe that treating animals humanely, in their natural environment, and with the highest quality feed produces a superior product for by both our family and customers. We strive to produce meat that is nutritious, free of chemicals, and sustainable for the environment. Our animals are raised outdoors on pasture and rotated to maintain the integrity of the land. All of our grain fed animals are fed only USDA certified organic livestock feed that is custom milled locally. We strive to raise our animals following NOP guidelines with the ultimate goal of becoming certified USDA Organic. We are very transparent about how our farm is operated and welcome anyone to call and come visit us.

Dutch Buffalo Farm

Emily Lancaster and Farrell Moose, Pittsboro. Seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Dutch Buffalo Farm is a diversified market garden and CSA in Pittsboro, North Carolina. Their goal is to provide their members and market customers with a wide variety of healthy fruits and vegetables. They work to provide produce at a quantity and price that allows fresh local food to become a meaningful addition to the diet of our community. They use innovative and responsible production practices to grow a healthy, high-value product for our patrons.

Grand Hope Farm

Brandon and Elizabeth Silvay, Siler City
Seasonal vegetables.

Hill View Farm

Kathleen Conroy, Siler City. Grass-fed beef.

At Hill View Farm, we raise Dexter cows on the abundant grass of our Chatham County pastures. Dexters are a traditional Irish cattle breed, beloved for their small size, gentle disposition, and their ability to fatten up on a grass-only diet.
We do not use hormones or antibiotics on our animals. We do not apply herbicides, pesticides or petroleum based fertilizers to our pastures. We cut our own hay off our pastures for winter feeding.
Our cows live happy lives and fatten up on grass, not grain. This makes for healthy cows and tasty, tender and healthy beef.

No Quarter Farms

Justin Jones and Margaret Baumeister, Apex
Goats-milk soap.

North Fork Farm

Aaron Hartley, Pittsboro. Seasonal vegetables.
North Fork Farm of Pittsboro is a local farm focused on sustainably growing fruit, vegetables, and berries without the use of harmful herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. Even the USDA certified organic substitutes for conventional herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers are kept to a minimum. North Fork Farm has a long-term goal of self-sufficiency (permaculture), and plans to pursue USDA organic certification.
Our primary crop in the near term consists of various sweet peppers. We plan to expand our offerings with perennial berry crops, various herbs, Chinese vegetables, free range chickens, and fish from our pond. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve the Pittsboro community, and to grow along with Pittsboro.

Red Roots Farm

Kristen Scheckelhoff and Jason Butler, Pittsboro
Seasonal vegetables, herbs, and mushrooms

Red Roots Farm is a sustainable farming project in Pittsboro, NC. We grow seasonal vegetables, herbs, and mushrooms on about half an acre of Chatham County red earth. Everything we grow is raised from seed to harvest without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. Through carefully-planned crop rotations, cover cropping, and habitat for beneficial insects, our farm plan focuses on maintaining soil fertility and using environmental resources in a sustainable way. We believe that everyone deserves access to fresh, healthy, local food, and we are very excited to be a part of the Chatham Mills Farmers’ Market this year!

Wanderlust Farm

Kim Sevy and Steve Chase, Pittsboro
Eggs, vegetables, herbs, teas, and cut flowers
Wanderlust Farm is located in Pittsboro, NC. We try to use every area of our 2 Acres to create a self sustaining farm system. We grow vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits with no mechanical tools, chemical, pesticides or fertilizers. We use permaculture methods to increase the soil nutrients and health. Our rabbits, sheep and goats are used for fiber to make yarns and to keep weeds controlled and fertilize naturally. Our chickens and duck are free range in fresh grass and clover and supply antibiotic free eggs all year. Our herbs are used in our natural herbal soaps and teas. We are offering pick your own flowers by appointment only or can supply bouquets for all occasions.
We hope over time to create a better environment than when we started.

Guest Vendors:

Please see weekly market post to check if these vendors will be present.

Blue Roses Design

Vincenza Carter, Pittsboro
Handcrafted jewelry

I create unique costume jewelry in a range of styles and mediums. From classical beaded looks, to wire wrapped avant-garde pieces, using simple glass beads, Swarovski crystals and my own polymer clay creations I love to play with ideas. Whether you are looking for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, for yourself or to give as gifts, I have it all.

Carol's Good Earth

Jim Bryant and Robert Raudenbush, Liberty
Succulent plants, plant starts, hanging baskets, wreaths, dried flower arrangements, and soy candles.

Crystal Glen Alpacas

Laurie Sue Bakay, Bear Creek
Handspun alpaca yarn
Crystal Glen Alpacas is a small, local, private alpaca farm just outside of Pittsboro. Making our vending debut at CMFM this year with our wonderful all natural, undyed 100% handspun alpaca yarn and fun items like felted shoe/boot inserts and more. Come see fiber prep and yarn spinning. We love meeting new alpaca fans and making appointments for farm visits. We are now offering dog hair yarn spinning services as well!

Cure Nursery

Bill and Jen Cure, Pittsboro
Native plants

Duck Daddy Ranch

Bryce Bjornson, Seagrove
Free-range duck and duck eggs.

Edgar & Gail's Produce

Edgar & Gail Patterson, Broadway
Seasonal vegetables and bedding plants.

Fiddlehead Farm

David and Emily Boynton, Pittsboro

Fiddlehead Farm is a small 5 acre farm in Pittsboro, NC. We grow a variety of vegetables and herbs and use them, in addition to the best local ingredients we can find, to create a wide variety of value added products to sell at market. These include:
  • Breads, baked goods and granola using locally milled organic grains.
  • Jams, marmalades and jellies cooked in copper pots using the best local and/or organic ingredients.
  • Hot sauces and salsas made with our own peppers and tomatoes along with other fine local ingredients.
  • A variety of dried pepper mixes, some combined with sea salt and dried local herbs.
    In addition to the value added products, in season we sell herbs, tomatoes, and a wide variety of hot peppers.

Gaddy's Farm

Eric and Kelley Gaddy, Seagrove
Vegetables, herbs, eggs, and honey; bedding and landscape plants.

Green Turtle Studios

Bronwyn Watson, Donna Johnson, J.R. Butler, and Michelle Dills-Hudson,
Siler City
Handmade NC pottery

Haw River Mushrooms

Ches and Laura Stewart, Graham
Mushrooms, including Shitake, Oyster, and Lion's Mane

Huckleberry Hill Farm

Natalie Bates, Sandford
Pasture-raised chicken, pork, and eggs; baked goods, organic extracts, aromatherapy oils, and organic body scrubs.

McWoukinn Farm

Kristin Wouk, Pittsboro
Scented goat's milk soap, oatmeal bath soak, and crocheted washcloths.

Okfuskee Farm

Bobby and Bronwyn Tucker, Silk Hope
Seasonal vegetables, fruit, and lamb.

Incorporated in 2008, Okfuskee Farm is a family owned and operated farm in Silk Hope, North Carolina that is named after the birth-county of American folk music hero Woody Guthrie. Okfuskee Farm strives to achieve a low-input/high-yield production system that is rooted in biodiversity, agroforestry and perennial plants, planned rotations of vegetables, grains, and livestock (sheep, hogs), and farm-scaping practices that maximize water retention and ecological function. Okfuskee Farm is one of the farms in Three Farms CSA, a multi-farm CSA specializing in a uniquely diverse weekly share with additional a-la-carte options from three local family farms.

Kildee Farm

Michael Beal, Ramseur
Kildee Farms has strawberries and more strawberries!

Roberta Marasca Jewelry

Roberta Marasca, Pittsboro
Metal-work jewelry.

The Yeast Roll Company

Rufus Minor, Chapel Hill
Fresh-baked yeast rolls.



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