Aquilegia canadensis plants

And yes, we’re shouting!

The Chatham Mills Farmers’ Market is thrilled to be hosting our first-ever spring plant sale, sponsored by Mellow Marsh Farm, Country Farm and Home, and Pittsboro Feed.

The  reason it’s so exciting is that in addition to our regular wonderful plant vendors, Cure Nursery and Carol’s Good Earth, we have invited three wonderful, local, usually WHOLESALE plant vendors to the market this Saturday, April 26. This means that we’re able to offer our customers access to plants they might normally have to travel far and wide to find. In addition, the plantsellers who will be selling plants that day are extremely knowledgeable. Where, when, how, and even IF the particular plant will do well in your yard are all questions these on-the-spot experts can answer. Way better than what you’ll get at a mass-market or big box nursery, in our humble opinions!

Here’s who will be at our special PLANT SALE  Market this week.

Carol’s Good Earth

tomato plants

  • 30 varieties heirloom/ hybrid tomatoes – big plants in 4″ pots – naturally grown
  • Grafted heirloom tomato plants – naturally grown
  • Pepper plants 4″ pots -naturally grown
  • Herbs – naturally grown
  • Hanging baskets for both sun and shade
  • Annual bedding plants
  • Hosta and a few other perennials

Cure NurseryTiarella cordifolia

  • Tiarella
  • Jacob’s Ladder
  • Wood Poppies
  • Wild Columbine
  • Blue Phlox groundcover)
  •  flowering native azaleas
  • Fothergillas
  • Redbuds
  • Beech
  • sedges (the evergreen workhorses of gardens and “alternative”, perennial, lawn-like, no-mow plantings!)

Deep Chatham Gardens:

  • heirloom tomato plants – MANY varietiescapehoneysublePBO-10-30-09-3a
  • lemon grass – 1 gallon pot –
  • white yarrow – 1 gallon pots
  • black elephant ears – 1 gallon pot –
  • indigo blue salvia – 1 gallon pots-
  • morning glory tree – 6ft tall with rich pink trumpet blooms all summer
  • cape honeysuckle – brilliant orange blossoms – can grow 30ft in one season!
  • Mosquito Repelling Plants – Citrus scented geranium – The BEST natural indoor air freshener!  Keep your house mosquito and fly free while smelling BEAUTIFUL  1 gallon pots –

Backyard Edibles, Keith Denny

  •  herbs
  • tomato plants (various sizes, many varieties)
  • peppers (many sizes many varieties)
  • lettuce (different varieties). chard
  • kale,
  • brocolli…and some surprises!

Mellow Marsh specializes in native and wetland plants. The Farmers’ Market’s own Farrell Moose (of Dutch Buffalo) will be manning their booth!