Make your own tea? But of course!

sippingOn Saturday, May 25, we are privileged to host Marcia Herman-Giddens, Pittsboro author of Sipping My Garden: A Simple Way to Make Tea from Plants. She’ll be signing her book, now in its second addition, and giving out samples of teas!

Please look for her around 10:00, and check out teas for sale at the Wanderlust Farm market stall!


Mother’s Day gifts from the Farmers’ Market? But of course!


You probably don’t think of the Farmers’ Market when you think of Mother’s Day, but it’s actually the PERFECT place to find a wonderful, local, hand-made, delicious, and thoughtful gift for dear old Ma!

Every vendor coming to the market this Saturday is a potential Mother’s Day gift shop!

Ayrshire Growers/Iron Fish Farm crafts hand-made cold-process goat’s milk soap. A particular favorite is the peppermint soap with glitter! They have a number of other soaps as well, all hand-made by Laura Reedy, one of the partners in the farm.

Mary from Fatty Owl makes wallets from rabbit food feed bags. Clever and sustainable too!

Forever Green Gardens features necklaces and other jewelry made from gourds, courtesy of Carol Kroll. They are even selling them at 20% off for Mother’s Day!

Fiddlehead Farm and Bakery sells soy wax candles. They smell amazing!

Lindley Farms Creamery is making KEY LIME Cheesecakes for Mother’s Day! You should call ahead and order, if you’re interested, so she can make sure one’s available for you when you come.

And Cherie Westmoreland, a ceramics artist, will be at the market this Saturday, courtesy of the Chatham County artist’s guild. Many gift possiblities there.

And last, but NOT LEAST at all, remember that everyone, your mother included, loves a beautifully cooked meal with local, fresh, and seasonal ingredients. You could start with a salad made from gorgeous carrots, lettuce, and cucumbers (yes, cucumbers!) from Granite Springs Farm, then serve a medley of roasted root veggies: hakurei turnips and radishes from Okfuskee, add a roasted chicken from Down to Earth Farms, or london broil from Lilly Den, accompany it all with some bread from Fiddlehead Farm and Bakery, and finish it all off with fresh strawberries from Kildee Farms on a gorgeous mozzerella cheesecake from Lindley Mills Creamery.

Makes me full just to write it!